Photo Gallery

"Travel Literature in English" International Graduate Student Conference - 4 April 2019

Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem Karadağ "Unorthodox British Plays: Themes in In-Yer-Face Theatre and the Problems of Translating and Publishing Plays in Turkey" Workshop - 22 October 2018

"Edebiyatta Ötekiler: Cadılar, Vampirler, Zombiler, Kurtadamlar" 3 May 2018

"Edebiyatta Kadın" 8 March 2018

"Scottish Renaissance Poetry" Workshop - 27 November 2017

"Why the (real) Scottish Renaissance Matters" - 27 April 2017

"Representations of Diasporic Identities in Britain" International Graduate Student Conference- 20 April 2017

"Innovative Representations of 'Utopias' in Studies in English" International Graduate Conference-15-16 March 2016

"Studies on Jane Austen's Emma" Symposium 3 December 2015

"Innovative Representations of 'Sexualities' in Studies in English." Graduate Conference-11 March 2015

"Poetry Translation Contest for Undergraduate Students." 11 December 2014

"Readings from Shakespeare’s Sonnets" with Dance, Music, and Costumes - 12 May 2014

Symposium on the “Reflections of War on Literature” in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of World War I – 26 March 2014

“An English Fleet in İstanbul: The Political and Military Anatomy of an International Crisis” – 13 November 2013

Research Essay Contest for Graduate Students – 09 March 2012